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My performance work explores pretending, failure, and togetherness to create moments of simple magic and flimsy myth, with and against the complexities and labor of the female dancing body. Evoking the dynamic, constructive, and communitarian nature of human experience, my work explores the im/possibility of knowing the other through the effort of extreme imagination. As compositional mechanisms I employ mathematical and organically shifting systems of growth and decay, drawn from the natural world and referencing my childhood in rural Maine. I am devoted to the rigor of the choreographic system and believe in choreography as both the means and the end through which we may access the depth of the embodied human life. I want for my work, in which symbols and structures are created, dismantled and allowed to re-align, to challenge calcified ideas about gender, embodiment and community, and invite new possibilities for living, both outside of the work and within. Through the doing of choreography as dance- a live, ephemeral and continuous process(ing), I hope to connect both performers and audiences to the immediacy of life in the present. I believe that the individual artist, through experimentation, innovation, and presentation, provides the essential function of offering alternatives to homogeneous culture, and that dance in particular has the power to strengthen individuals and communities by offering radical re-imaginings of our possibilities as embodied beings.