VANESSA… Eve as a disembodied pelvis, alone in the garden of eden. Music by Don Henley

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School for Contemporary Dance and Thought (MA) MARCH 2018

The Living Room (ME) April 2018

VERONICA… A profane circus act, an examination of virtuosity and flesh. Music by Charles Gunoud

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The Living Room (ME) April 2018

Arts on Site Performance Party June 2019




VICTORIA… A fantasy of self-birth through dance-as-labor. Music by The Kinks

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Lamoine Community Arts (ME) July 2018

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‘no such thing’, a collaborative duet performed by Meghan Frederick (dancer) and Ethan Woods (musician), utilizes egalitarian relationships between Ethan’s and Meghan’s bodies and sound-making capabilities to research the role of performance as spiritual practice under late capitalist Trumpism.

Supported by a creative residency Dec 2017 at The Dragon's Egg, CT

Past Performances-

December 2017 STUFFED at the Judson Church NY, NY

January 2017 Center for Performance Research BK, NY

April 27th and 28th 2018 at Brooklyn Studios for Dance BK, NY

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SOFT BLUE  conjures a space where the fragile lines between truth and fantasy are blurred and broken. With each moment counted and accounted for, three women practice performances of togetherness, misremember choreographies, and re/present images of femininity. Dancing through SOFT BLUE reveals the construction and collapse of physical and psychological realities, illuminating cracks through which possibilities for magic emerge. SOFT BLUE is performed by Meghan Frederick, Carlye Eckert, and Elisa Davis and features an original score by Trevor Wilson.

SOFT BLUE was developed in residence at Denmark Arts Center (ME) and Barn Arts Collective (ME), as well through the M(Mix) Residency program at Marymount Manhattan College (NY). Work in progress versions of SOFT BLUE were performed at Denmark Arts Center, Open Performance at Eden's Expressway (NYC), Brew in Motion (NYC) and Barn Arts Collective. In conjunction with residency periods Meghan Frederick Practice/Project held a workshop for middle-school students on improvisation and choreography at the Pemetic Elementary School (ME) and taught open class through Moving Target Portland (ME). The full 39-minute work premiered as part of TAKE ROOT at Green Space in Long Island City NYC in early February 2017.

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‘i want to be a dancing body’ is a solo-making process designed to meet the logistical specifics of a given presenting opportunity. Each dance tackles a unique structure for making visible the labor of the female dancing body and the aesthetic possibilities of exhaustion and ecstasy.

Past Performances 2017

Oct 1st Slice and Dice with The Lovielies @The Joffrey Studios New York, NY

July 25th and 26th with Hanna Satterlee and Clare Byrne @ The Phantom Theater, Warren, VT

May 15th All Together Now: Laurel Snyder and Friends Threes Brewing NY, NY

April 22nd Women in Motion Salon NY, NY

March 31st and April 1st Small Plates Festival, Newburgh, NY

March 27th Walnut Hill School Boston, MA